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• Sustainable cork platform
• Low density and good buoyancy
• Low maintenance costs
• Highly durable platforms
• Sustainable water treatment
• Modular design with easy connection
between modules


• Material: cork agglomerate
• Density: 0.2
• Plant weight: up to 16 kg of plants per m²
• Number of plants: up to 24 plants per m²


The CORK FLOATING ISLAND® is an exclusive product developed by Bluemater, in partnership with the cork innovation leader – Amorim Cork Composites.

These floating islands are modular cork platforms designed specifically for the recovery of degraded ecosystems, in the treatment of wastewater, aquatic gardening, among other possible uses.
Floating islands are the most ecological solution to ensure a healthy balance of surface water, allowing the growth of plants on the surface of the water and thus restore riparian and palustrine ecosystems and biodiversity itself. They can also be applied in pond wastewater treatment, replacing the plants that are traditionally planted in the bottom of the Phyto-WWTP tanks, avoiding the known problems of collapse of these systems, keeping them healthy and efficient.